English-Teaching Position in China

FREE Maple Education Program 

Ukrainians WITH or WITHOUT relevant work experience join up!

Getting a long-term Chinese visa is guaranteed!
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Our target audience embraces candidates aged 21-40 

Relevant work experience in the Education field and a degree from Teachers' Training university are not required. 

You have the opportunity of taking free online TEFL course prepaid by our company. 

The range of services are as follows: 

- plane tickets from Kiev to China with further transfer to the final destination

- all visas during the contract period (we cover consular, visa agency, courier fees)

- accidental insurance 

- monthly rent for the accommodation during the tenure of employment 

- bonus at the end of the contract - return plane ticket from China to Thailand / Malaysia 

You do not pay any commission before or after your arrival in China,

as well as enjoy the benefits of all-inclusive support starting from the first interview in Ukraine until the end of your contract.


A few major reasons to go with us:

MAPLE EDUCATION is the only program in Ukraine that doesn't charge any commission! Average monthly salary we offer to our teachers is $1800 (net income and housing fee combined)! Part-time options are also rather promising (the going rate for private English lesson is $25-$35 per hour). So during your first year in China you can take it easy and enjoy a net income of $1000 per month with no extra efforts on your part or make as much as $2000 of monthly profit (basic salary + additional income combined). It's all up to you! 

While the minimum contract is 1 year, our program goes far beyond. 80% of the participants pursue their teaching career for the second year, which, in its turn, contributes to a better quality life and overall well-being of their families

For those interested, we offer instant money transfers (from China to Ukraine and from Ukraine to China!)

Where exactly will you work?

We deal with 3 different types of educational institutions in China: training centers, kindergartens (private or public) and public schools. 

Training centers:

The main focus is on the comprehensive child development. 80% of your working hours will be dedicated to singing, dancing, playing games and having fun with kids. This is considered to be the most effective way of learning. The rest of the time will be pretty much like a standard English lesson.

Working Schedule (example for different age groups of kids):

Wed-Fri: 1pm - 9pm 

Lunch break: 4pm - 5pm

Sat-Sun: 9am - 6pm 

Lunch break: 1pm - 2pm

Kids' age:

3-16 years old



Kindergarten can be compared to the theater with the teacher as a main actor. 
English teachers usually have 2 or 3 lessons (30 minutes each) before lunch and 1 or 2 lessons after.

Example of a Working Schedule:

Mon-Fri: 8:00 am - 5pm
Lunch break: 12am - 2:30 pm

Kids' age:

3-6 years old

Public schools have a similar working schedule to that at the kindergarten, if only with a shorter lunch break (about 1 hour) and longer lessons (about 45 minutes each). However, the total number or combined working hours will be the same as for other educational institutions.

How much does the Maple Education program cost and what does it include:

Going to China  for 1 year at your own expense will cost you at least $ 5000. 

Our deal with housing is as follows

Salary: $ 950- $ 1200 of net income per month (your only expenses are food cost and utilities)
Benefits provided ::
  • all-inclusive Chinese visa support (we pay for short-term and long-term visas and provide a 24/7 visa support)
  • free plane ticket to China (booking, purchasing, exchanging, etc.)  
  • free accidental insurance (taken care of without your direct involvement)
  • pick-up at the airport in China and free transfer to your apartment
  • assistance with Chinese SIM-card
  • 12-15 months' contract with the free extension option
  • full support and all-inclusive consulting services
  • help with opening a bank account in China
  • free online TEFL course
  • free accommodation (in most cases private apartment) 
Total cost: 0 $


You do not need to pay anything


One of the frequently asked questions is about living conditions for our teachers in China. Let's see how your accommodation in China can look like if you choose our program with housing
Here's the picture of apartment in Shenzhen. It can not be any better! 

Maple Education is prioritizing your preferences, and in most cases provides an accommodation that is a walking distance from the school campus. It saves your time, money and ensure an enjoyable experience. 

Here is our new home in China.

Many thanks to the Maple Education team for providing us with such a cozy, quiet and spacious apartment. I can get to school in a matter of minutes. What is more , it's in a very peaceful and beautiful neighborhood.


Trust is a Must:

Maple Education is the only company that is managing all your visa issues and pays all related fees (visa consulate fee, visa agency fee, courier fee) without charging any commission for our services. We are taking care of your visa situation starting from the visa application in Ukraine and throughout the whole period of employment in China. Moreover, we incur all of your expenses apart from the food cost and utilities. Altogether, this makes us more than interested in ensuring an uninterrupted, 100% safe and comfy staying in China for our teachers. We can also provide you with extra documents from our company that may be of a great help if you plan to resign from your current job or need to take a gap year from your college or university.

We Care for Your Welfare

Maple Education is completely honest and clear-cut with you. We pay for all visas, flight to China, accommodation, TEFL course, accidental insurance, etc. upfront out of our own pocket instead of asking you to pay for everything yourself and promising to reimburse the cost when your contract finishes. 

Peace of Mind is What You'll Find

Maple Education is based on a unique business model. The whole recruitment process takes place in Ukraine (by means of distant interviews), therefore, in case of successful interview with the school, you are guaranteed to occupy English-teaching post at a specific educational establishment with the terms of employment presented to you beforehand. So you can be at ease when you arrive to China.

Other companies: 

  1. - Commission for the agency services (around $2000)
  2. - Recruitment process starts in China (successful employment is not guaranteed)
  3. - Random and unreliable employers (you don't know about terms of employment in advance)
  4. - 30 days' single entry tourist visa 
  5. - No visa support or poor quality of visa assistance
  6. - Free accommodation is not provided
  7. - No social security/support
  8. - Various extra expenses; high risks of fraud

Maple Education

  1. - NO COMMISSION (you don't need to pay anything!!!)
  2. - The whole recruitment process takes place in Ukraine (100% guarantee of employment after the successful interviews)
  3. - Only trustworthy reputable employers who meet our requirements as per the terms of employment (you know about the work conditions before signing the contract in China)
  4. - Chinese visa support during the whole contract period; we cover all visa costs!!! 
  5. - Airport pick-up, FREE flight to China, transportation to the school; insurance; accommodation
  6. - Free online TEFL teacher's training course that you can do at any place at any time 
  7. - 24/7 hotline support regarding any issues
  8. - FREE bonus at the end of the contract - return plane ticket to Thailand or Malaysia
  9. - No extra hidden fees for all provided services (see above)

Document preparation won't be much of a headache, just pack your bags and let us help you with the rest! 

You don’t need to worry about the formalities. With our detailed instructions it's a piece of cake!

Job/visas/tickets/apartment? We will happily handle this for you.

Always in touch

Keep in touch with our managers. Whatever it is - just drop us a message and we will deal with it at our earliest convenience!

Free TEFL certification

We offer free online TEFL course which you will take up in Ukraine and continue in China. As a result, you will receive an internationally recognized teaching certificate, which is of great value in the Education field. 


Congratulations! We are planning on launching a unique Mobile App for our teachers, which will help you to follow the local news feed, request any info, etc. Our App is available for iOS and Android devices.

Not able to visit our office? Cheer up!

You can apply distantly. All you need is access to the Internet and an email address.

Maple Education APP

First of its kind, private social network - exclusively for our teachers

  • Keep track of the latest news and schedule for upcoming holidays
  • Check out the best local restaurants, gyms, cinemas and more
  • Be informed about all the important announcements from our managers

What our people say

Got a chance - a crime to waste.

I’ve come to China as there were not so many chances to develop and simply make ends meet in my home country. Here, i’ve gotten lots of positivity, new knowledge and a great potential to grow as mentally as professionally. Thanks a lot to Maple Education for giving me such a life time opportunity.

I dreamed of changes and i’ve made it!

Ironically, my way to China happened to be by an absolute coincidence! However, yet, it’s the best thing that ever happened to me. Tones of fun every day with kids, being recognized as a “move star” anywhere you go and just being treated so well all the time. I am grateful to be here. Maple Education is a big pleasure to cooperate with.

Great experience, good value.

I guess there is a period in everyone’s life when one is eager for changes. So was i when considered to apply for this program. Everything turned out to be pretty well. I have been enjoying every day here, simply because it’s all so new and somehow matches me in a right way. Working with kids is a big pleasure as they are the purest creatures in the world.

Let's sort out the steps of the recruitment process:

Leave your application

Our manager will contact you shortly after you leave an application to provide you with the full information about the company, relevant hiring procedures, answer all related questions and arrange the interview with our manager in Ukraine. 


Do an interview with the Chinese office of our company (via WeChat phone app)

Sign the contract

After signing the contract, we will proceed with preparing all the necessary documents and arranging your flight! 

Fly to china

Our manager will pick you up at the airport and escort you to the final destination. In case you arrive to China at a late hour, you will be kindly provided with a free hotel booked in advance.

Prepare the necessary materials 

We will need your CV and Video Presentation in English, as well as a few photos from your daily life. 

Do an interview with the representative of the Chinese school (via WeChat phone app)

Start your TEFL course 

It will help you to adapt to the teaching style in China 

Start a new life in China 

Upon arrival to China, you will be provided with a free transfer to your school and assistance in moving in to your new apartment located nearby.